replica Rolex Submariner 116610LN: The Only Watch You Need

The Rolex Submariner is one of the brand’s most popular timepieces and although it was originally designed for professional diving, the sports watch has achieved iconic status as a fashion accessory, appearing in numerous James Bond films, as well as in board meetings for some of the top businesses all over the world.

While the Submariner is available in a variety of different materials and color combinations, the gold and black combination has a clear appeal, especially to those intending to wear it as a fashion item. In this article, we take a look at the black and gold Submariner and the main choices available to potential buyers.
Essentially, for buyers wishing to purchase a black and gold Rolex Submariner, there are two main choices available: a two-tone model, which combines yellow gold and stainless steel, or a full yellow gold model. In many cases, this is a simple decision based on personal preference between the two looks.

With that being said, the full yellow gold model is a more extravagant option, which unsurprisingly has a higher price tag. It provides a more luxurious aesthetic, typical of high-quality jewellery, making it a strong choice for those wanting to make a statement. It also offers a more traditional, uniformed appearance.

When it’s time to choose between a Rolex Submariner black vs blue watch some have a difficult time deciding. Both Style and price can be important factors to consider. Let’s look at the Rolex Submariner 116618LN and 116619, which are essentially identical watches, despite a few key differences. So, to understand the price discrepancies between the two, it’s important to have a firm grasp on their backstory.

What we got was this – the 18k yellow gold 116618 available in blue (116618LB) and black (116618LN) as well as the white gold 116619 only featuring a blue face and bezel. The 116618 was clearly the more bold option thanks to that saturated yellow gold. But the white gold 116619 was slick and striking and quickly earned itself the nickname ‘Smurf.’ And if there’s something you should know about Rolex, it’s that only its most beloved watches ever garner a nickname for themselves.

So, what are the specs that made these new Sub’s special? Well, it starts with the case, where it got larger lugs and crown guards which made it look a whole lot bigger despite clocking in at the same 40mm wide and just 12.2mm thick. There was also the upgraded, extremely durable Cerachrom (aka ceramic) bezel that replaced the old aluminum. Other new features include enlarged hour markers and hands, as well as matching gold Oyster bracelet with high-polished center links and a new Glidelock clasp for seamless adjustments.

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