For the fake rolex watches , 2016 was an important year as the company finally introduced Daytona, which uses a steel ceramic frame. By 2017, Rolex will update its Daytona line, this time with its golden model. This year, the Daytona gold and platinum watches are equipped with Cerachrom (ceramic Rolex number) elements. But perhaps most surprisingly, these watches are not equipped with traditional ostron bands. Instead, they will use the Oysterlock safety lock to buy relatively new Oysterflex belts from Rolex. Some people like it, some hate it, but there is obviously a market.
For customers who have never seen Rolex alternatives for branded products such as Audemars Piguet and Hublot, this configuration is available from the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona. It is difficult to make statements with copy Rolex watches  that have not been modified. This is a testament to the clock’s longevity and aspirations, but these Oysterflex models may be a profitable option for those buyers. We first discussed this issue here, but now we have practical photos that make you feel more personal and on your wrist.

Later I will talk about the Oysterflex belt, but first we will discuss the basics of the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, which will be known to people who know Rolex Daytona. These new Daytona watches come in 40mm wide cases, are available in 18k gold and 18k gold and are now equipped with a Cerachrom frame. There is also a third version of Everose. Technically there is the Everose Rolex Daytona Cosmotype Di has been when it was launched CERACHROM ring, but it came with the other two, because now there is oyster Flex belt provided.
Oysterflex’s first watch was the 2015 Everose Yacht-Master. The Oysterflex belt is very special because it is not just a rubber or elastic tire. No, Rolex does not do things in a simple way. Instead, a superelastic disk is used and then deformed with an elastomer. Our goal is to create a belt with metal bracelet reliability and elastic tire comfort. For the new Daytona watch here, they also have a lock  with an Easylink mechanism that quickly increases the length of the band around 5mm – when your wrist is expanding very suitable for hot days.

Many people think that it is still an eraser, which is obvious. But for many others, the rubber band is clearly attractive, especially how fake rolex watches does it, and does not mind spending $30,000 on small pleasures. It can be comfortable, sporty aesthetics, or just because they like it is obvious. You may not like it, but I think it can be said that this is not just a rubber band (“This is Rolex Rubber!”). However, Rolex insists that it is a bracelet, which is really a range.
One thing to note is that the realization of the oyster’s Flex band is different from the Hunting Champion. The Rolex Daytona Watch comes with special end connections so there is no yellow gap between the waistband and the bag. In addition, if you wear these ringtones on your wrist, any doubt about your belt can easily be forgotten. The elastomer is very cool and comfortable on the skin. fake rolex watches forms a fin under the belt to better form a pillow between the belt and the wrist. This allows your wrist to expand and organize certain things without making the clock feel too loose or too tight. On hot days, the flange also helps to ventilate the interior of the conveyor.

In 2016, which was introduced last year, the Cerachrom support is very important because the owner of the copy ROLEX COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA watches with the stainless steel ring can confirm that these elements on the old Daytona watch are often scratched. On the other hand, the Cerachrom frame is very hard and therefore very scratch resistant. In addition, the carved roof hall is marked with a thin layer of gold or platinum, and Rolex said it will never fade. These two features make the Cerachrom frames attractive to Rolex Daytona enthusiasts, especially those who want their watches to be as perfect as possible. In addition, the Cerachrom frame has a very bright, almost smooth appearance and is very beautiful, especially under direct light.
The rest of the case is flawless. The polish is flawless, the screw propeller and crown are impeccable, and they are good at work. Crown uses copy ROLEX COSMOGRAPH DAYTONA watches Triplock. Estimated to be 100 meters waterproof, today is absolutely the smallest for every corner